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Kanawha Returns to Normal After EF0 Tornado Damage

Signs of the tornado continue to be prevalent in Kanawha with trees missing limbs and some building damage, but the city appears to have recovered from last week’s tornado. According to Mayor Gloria Sobek, things are getting back to normal.

Area cities and emergency services mobilized to assist Kanawha residents almost immediately after news broke that the twister had hit the city.

It wasn’t just the power companies coming in to fix things. Tree limbs and debris were quickly handled by outside companies.

Residents now can begin to handle small debris in their yards and properties according to Sobek.

Officials were impressed at how the city in general went to work cleaning up and getting things back in order. In true north Iowa fashion, assistance came from everywhere according to Sobek.

Sobek stated that this was a coordinated effort that began almost immediately after the tornado had struck the city and surrounding area.

The city will begin picking up debris left at the curb of each residence and business on Wednesday.






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