Farmers Continue to Deal with Chemical and Fertilizer Prices

Spring planting is just a few weeks away and already there is sticker shock when it comes to the chemicals and fertilizer farmers must apply before and after the planting begins. Much of the chemicals area farmers use is imported from overseas and there are shortages due to supply chain issues. According to Randy Broesder, Director of Farmers Coop in Forest City, chemical prices are high, but:

Fertilizers are not seeing the same levels of shortages. Broesder feels more comfortable about availability here, but there is a catch.

While fertilizers and chemicals are much higher now than last year, one other necessary resource is also seeing a higher price. Propane has also seen an increase and there may be a looming issue here too.

Broesder is encouraging all producers to keep a close eye on these products and stay ahead of any increases or changes to pricing and availability.






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