Weavers Helps North Iowa Middle School Track Team

North Iowa Middle School became the beneficiaries of a gift from Weavers Leather Store in Buffalo Center. Forty-five pairs of track shoes were given to the school to assist in their track program. Julie Weaver, co-owner of Weavers Leather Store explained that it all started with a Facebook post from the track program asking for assistance.

Students on the track team had made the point that many could not afford track shoes with spikes. While those kinds of shoes are not required, they do provide better traction when running.

While many might not consider Weavers to have these kinds of shoes for sale, the exact opposite is true.

Weaver stated that this is nothing unusual for her store to do. She also felt that this was a good way to pay it forward.

Weaver believes that this is a good way to support your local school and give kids the tools they need to succeed.


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