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Winnebago County Board to Discuss Audit and Drainage

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9am in the courthouse in Forest City. The board will hear from Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders on several issues. The first will be the state of secondary roads in the county and the need for any resurfacing, repairs, or grading. Crews are preparing for frost boils in some roads as the temperature warms in the area.

Meinders may give his opinion on a utility permit needed by WCTA to bury fiber optic cable in the vicinity of 500th and 510th Street, between 110th Avenue and 140th Avenue. Another line of cable for 44oth Street will need a permit for burial to be passed by the board. Work on these is expected to begin soon pending approval by the board.

A county drainage line was cut into without permission and caused damage to the line in Lateral 19 of Drainage District 5. The board will address the issue with an attorney hired to represent those involved with the unauthorized break in the line.

The board will also hear from Elizabeth Thyer of Gardiner and Company regarding the external audit which was performed on the last fiscal year budget. The county routinely goes through an external audit to demonstrate the accuracy of the internal audit done by the Winnebago County Auditor’s Office.


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