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A New Twist in the Eminent Domain Battle Over Carbon Pipelines

Area farmers and landowners in Hancock, Cerro Gordo, and Worth Counties have been less than receptive to the idea of giving up farmland to a carbon pipeline project. In several public meetings in the three counties, a tense air has filled the room as representatives from Summit Carbon Solutions Incorporated have tried to explain the benefits of the pipeline while justifying putting it through area farmland, drainage systems, and secondary roads.

The Iowa Public Utilities Board will hear the case of whether the pipeline project will go forward and has been hearing it from both sides.

The farmers have also expressed concerns to Iowa Legislators, particularly over possible eminent domain proceedings by the company to acquire the land they need for the project.

State Senator Dennis Guth has heard these concerns as he too is in the path of the pipeline.

Some of the land in the path of the proposed pipeline has been in the families of the landowners for over 100 years. Others are concerned that the land will not be usable or available for farming once the land rights are given up.

Since the bill did not make it out of committee, a measure was attached to the budget bill that would prevent the Iowa Public Utilities Board from acting on the Summit Carbon Solutions petition until February.

That’s when things took an interesting twist.

As a result, nothing will be done legislatively on this issue until the next legislative session. That does not mean that the issue is tabled according to Guth.

Guth will author a bill to the effect, using researched information, laws, and policy for the next legislative session.




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