Area Pipeline Objections Reach the State Level

The local angst over the Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline project issue is now heading up to the state level. Residents have voiced their opinion at the city and county levels in Hancock, Cerro Gordo, and in Worth Counties. Each of the meetings have been tense as farmers are unrelenting about giving up their family farmland to a pipeline project which will transport carbon through 20 plus counties from ethanol plants to bedrock in the Dakotas.

Opponents of proposed carbon pipelines have staged what they’re calling a public hearing in the Iowa Capitol rotunda. Shelby County Supervisor Steve Kenkle says there’s been little public input and county officials lack the authority to have any say about the projects.

Kenkel lives on a century farm near Earling, about a mile from the proposed route for the Summit pipeline. Some of the other speakers were landowners who don’t want to sell easements on their property so the pipelines can pass through. They oppose letting the Iowa Utilities Board invoke eminent domain authority so property can be seized for the projects. Carolyn Raffensperger, executive director of the Science and Environmental Health Network, also addressed the crowd.

A small group of union members attended the rally with the counter message that good-paying jobs are connected to pipeline construction.


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