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New Gambling Legislation Discussed

The scene is all too familiar. Someone is having a run of bad luck at the gambling table or the slots. The money is running dry and the urge to win is overcoming the individual. They can now go to their phone and make a withdrawal to try and win it all back. According to State Senator Dennis Guth, there is legislation in the works about this very problem.

Scenes like these are all too common. Unfortunately, problem gambling is not even recognized by the victim, even when it is too late.

Gambling, when done improperly, can lead to tremendous debt issues down the road. There are psychological issues such as isolation that play into it too. It can stem off into alcoholism and drug use which further complicate the situation. According to Guth, there is an age group which is targeted by gaming sites.

Those who know of someone with a gambling problem can call (800) BETS-OFF.





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