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Iowa Senate Working on Religious Freedom Legislation

During the pandemic, a number of north Iowans lost contact with those they may see only once a week. For some, it may be their only time outside of their home during the week. The government closed churches for fear of spreading the pandemic, but quickly realized it could not constitutional do so.

In order to reaffirm this, the Iowa legislature is working a bill that keeps churches open during times of crisis according to Iowa Senator Dennis Guth.

The bill has taken on some interest from those who would either like to see this measure passed or want to give government control shutter churches during a time of crisis.

Those who would want to everyone shelter-in-place during a pandemic would express the opinion that it would further spread a virus, while those who wish to maintain an everyday lifestyle argue that having the ability to go to church eliminates the negatives of isolationism.

The legislature continues to work on this important bill.







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