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Midwife Licensing Legislation Discussed

There are a few midwife professionals in the area who help healthy women during labor, delivery, and after the birth with their babies. These professionals work in the patient’s home, birthing centers, or even in the delivery room of a local hospital. generally, the mother has not had any complications during her pregnancy.

There is a surprising high demand for midwives and with it comes a need for certain regulations such as licensing. Iowa Senator Dennis Guth said that the Iowa Legislature is working on a bill that deals with this.

In Iowa, there were 138 certified nurse midwives as of 2018. In ten years, there has been an 84% increase in the number of midwives working in the state. Even with this dramatic increase, there still is a large need for more. Among those who do work here, there is a call for better statewide licensing.

There is support in the Iowa Legislature for the mid-wife profession, but among that support is a call for efficient licensing. How that licensing is achieved remains to be seen. For Guth, he wants to see this bill resolved and ultimately enforced.




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