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Hancock County Health Systems to Add Respiratory Clinics

Hancock County Health System (HCHS) will begin construction on two Respiratory Clinics in April. One clinic will be added onto the HCHS Britt Medical Clinic, 532 1st St. NW and the other onto the HCHS Garner Medical Clinic, 730 W. 3rd St.

The 2,550-square foot addition to HCHS Garner Medical Clinic and the 2,565-square foot addition to HCHS Britt Medical Clinic will add five exam rooms and one procedure room in addition to a testing room at both.

Hancock County Health Systems CEO Laura Zweifel stated that the major reason behind the project is for the safety of the patients.

The lessons learned from the pandemic and the caring for patients played a major role in the decision to move forward with the respiratory clinics according to Zweifel.

HCHS prides itself in its service to the community. During the pandemic, emergency rooms and ICU’s were full to almost overflowing with pandemic patients while still servicing other medical conditions. Zweifel felt that HCHS was able to treat everyone effectively.

With the planned additions to both the Britt and Garner Clinic locations, HCHS will be able to have the flexibility to treat various forms of serious medical ailments and viruses according to Zweifel.

During the pandemic, there were a number of concerns shared by both patients and medical facilities. Special entrances were set up and there were specific areas designated for pandemic cases.

Social isolation can become a tremendous detriment, particularly to those in need of health care. The new wings will help alleviate that isolation and loneliness.

HCHS plans to begin both projects simultaneously in early April 2022 with end dates of both scheduled for December 2022.










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