Iowa House Ready to Vote on Pipeline Eminent Domain Moratorium

Summit Carbon Solutions Incorporated continues to try and get farmers and landowners in the area to work with them on the construction of a carbon pipeline. The line will run through several counties including Hancock and Cerro Gordo Counties. In recent town hall meetings in Hancock County, the idea that if farmers and landowners do not cooperate with the pipeline company, they will be subject to possible eminent domain procedures, had many in the room upset and worried.

House Republicans appear poised to vote for a year-long moratorium that would prevent the companies planning to build carbon pipelines from seeking eminent domain to seize property along the pipeline routes. Republican Representative Bobby Kaufmann of Wilton presented the plan in the House State Government Committee and all, but one Republican voted for it.

House Speaker Pat Grassley says pipeline companies would still be able to negotiate easements with landowners, but this would let the legislature weigh in next year if the companies to seek mass condemnation of land.

Democrats on the committee, like Representative Mary Mascher of Iowa City, didn’t object to the idea, but to the unusual parliamentary move used to advance the proposal.

Kaufmann says voters don’t care about legislative procedures.

The proposal is now eligible for debate in the full House.


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