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Garner Council Defines Excessive Force

The headlines have been rampant with alleged police brutality in major metropolitan areas. In some cases, police have to use force to calm or restrain a suspect who may become unruly or physically uncooperative. Municipalities have had to put rules in place as to how far police can go in the apprehension and detention of a suspect.

Garner has outlined what some of these parameters are in a recent ordinance that was passed by the city council. Mayor Tim Schmidt explains.

The city wants to make sure there are procedures in place that offer guidelines to officers in their daily handling of duties to the citizens of Garner. The city and the Garner Police Department worked on these parameters together to come up with the resolution that was passed by the council.

The Garner Police Department will begin to follow these new guidelines immediately for both the safety of the citizens and the department.


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