Spring Stargazing Program Scheduled

Winter skies will soon be making way for the spring and summer constellations. along with it will come warmer temperatures and a chance for everyone to go outside and enjoy the evening stars. The Winnebago County Conservation Board will once again be helping those who want to know more about the universe above them by hosting a spring stargazing program.

Winnebago County Conservationist Lisa Ralls will lead the program and is inviting everyone to participate.

The program will highlight these stars and the planets in our solar system which are visible during this part of the year.

The program is April 1st and will be in the Thorpe Park parking lot and last about 45-60 minutes. The location will be dark enough to observe the highlighted stars and planets with the naked eye.

No reservations are necessary and star charts will be handed out for people to take home. If the event has to be cancelled or postponed, it will be announced on KIOW and Anyone with questions can call Ralls at (641) 565-3390.



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