Area Farming Concern Grows Over Chemical and Natural Gas Prices

Area gas prices are averaging between $4.05 to $3.99 per gallon. Motorists are seeing even higher prices in the larger metropolitan areas and drivers are being forewarned that it won’t stop there.

This is not the only area where prices have gotten to near record levels. Area propane gas prices for farmers have begun to jump even higher than before according to Forest City Farmers Coop Director Randy Broesder.

The cost to dry grain may become far more expensive for area farmers which in turn means higher prices in the grocery stores. This will be from a combination of the higher propane prices and higher gas prices to transport it to market.

There is a third element that is coming into play. Chemicals are becoming very expensive and very scarce. Broesder is asking area farmers to get their orders in now.  

Fertilizer orders need to be made now because of product shipment times from the factory to market. According to Broesder, the spring supply is not as scarce as chemicals.

The spring planting season is just weeks away.


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