USMEF Staffer Helps Form New Organization for Women in the Meat Industry

A new organization has been formed for women in the meat industry to network, mentor and grow the involvement of women from entry level to the C-suite. It’s called the Women’s Meat Industry Network (WMIN), and one of the co-founders is Cheyenne, McEndaffer, senior director of export services at the U.S. Meat Export Federation. The meat industry, like many others, has seen women primarily work in specific roles such as marketing or human resources. In this USMEF report McEndaffer explains there is a good pipeline of talent for technical roles like hers, due to the technical training and education offered in the U.S., but it’s an area of under representation.

The organization, which has been in development for over two years and publicly launched in January, has a specific set of tools, it plans to develop.

USMEF was one of the first sponsors of WMIN. For more visit the WMIN website at


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