Wright County Board Hears Discontent About the Carbon Pipeline

Summit Carbon Solutions Inc. has been trying to work with Wright and Hancock County residents, specifically landowners, on trying to use their land for a proposed pipeline which will transport carbon emissions from ethanol plants to the bedrock of the Dakotas.

Representatives of the company have been going to farmers and landowners for permission to use their easements and into their drainage systems for future construction. This has not been meeting well with the farmers and landowners.

At a Monday morning meeting, Wright County resident and farmer Bob Ritter voiced his concerns on the proposed project and how it affects him.

Wright County Supervisor Board Chair Rick Rasmussen is continuing to look into the path of the pipeline and who it is affecting.

Summit Carbon Solutions Mitch Vaughn explained that his team is working very hard with area farmers on the issue.

Summit Carbon Solutions held a series of town hall meetings in both Hancock and Wright Counties with farmers while the harvest was in progress. The company now admits that may have not been the best time to hold meetings.

Vaughn stated that he wants to work with farmers and landowners on getting easements and land rights established. He acknowledged that his company needs to have better communication with landowners.

Rassmussen has heard a wide variety of objections that are not getting addressed.

He and Ritter stated that a number of farmers are not relinquishing their lands to the pipeline project and have filed objections with the Iowa Public Utilities Board who will rule on the issue later this year.

Rassmussen stated that Summit Carbon Solutions is making more than fair offers for the land use.

Summit Carbon Solutions are trying to work with area farmers and landowners in order to move the pipeline project forward.






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