Bluebird Volunteer Day Coming to Thorpe Park

The birds will be returning shortly and among them will be the bluebirds. The Winnebago County Conservation Board will be hosting a Bluebird Volunteer Day at the shelter house in Thorpe Park.

Winnebago County Conservationist Lisa Ralls explained that the event is free and educational.

The houses play a large role in the lives of bluebirds as they are a part of a mating ritual in the spring between males and females.

Females choose their mate by looking at a number of things that will help their offspring according to Ralls.

The houses are simple and can be easily constructed. They can also be found at stores that have feeders and bird houses. At the bluebird event, attendees will learn how to build a bluebird house.

The event is free and open to the public. It will take place on Saturday at 1pm in the Thorpe Park Shelter House. There is no need to preregister, and any questions can be directed to Ralls at (641) 565-3390.



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