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We have the most interesting and amazing update on Amelia, the dog that had been living in the wild and was recently captured.

When the Mason City Humane Society put out a Facebook post about Tess on Thursday, someone shared it with a women named Nicci McDonough asking if there was any chance it could be her family’s dog that went missing last summer. It seemed to be a long shot…Tess went missing from their home in rural Nora Springs last July after being frightened by some fireworks that were going off in the area. The family quickly put out the word to neighbors and friends that Tess was missing and spent countless hours looking for her. There were dozens of sightings in the following weeks, but every time someone would approach, Tess would run off. Her family would show up every time there was a sighting, but she would be long gone by the time they got to where she had been seen.

By August, the Tess sightings had stopped and the family reluctantly and sadly accepted that they would never see their Tess again or know what happened to her….until yesterday when they saw the video we posted on Facebook and felt there was a chance it could be her.

After a flurry of phone calls this morning, Jay McDonough came to the shelter to see if it was their dog. Her reaction to seeing him made it very obvious she was their Tess! Vet records and other identifying information confirmed it. Friday afternoon, Jay, Nicci and their son Decker came to pick up Tess and take her HOME! It was an emotional reunion for everyone, including Tess who had missed “her boy” Decker terribly.

The McDonough Family with Tess aka Amelia.

We will never know how Tess went missing for 7 months and ended up living in the woods in Mason City; what we do know is that she is going home with her family that has missed her and loves her very much.

As shared earlier, Tess will need to undergo surgery to repair a torn ligament. Her family will be taking over her care and expenses moving forward.

Donations that have been made for Tess’s surgery will be applied to the medical care she had already received during her 2 week stay at the shelter (x-rays, medications, veterinarian exams and care, etc…) Donations in excess will be put into the Humane Society of North Iowa’s “Miracle Fund”, a special account set up for animals that come into the shelter with urgent medical needs.

“We are overjoyed with how this story has turned out for Tess,” said Sybil Soukup, Executive Director of the Humane Society of North Iowa. “It’s really amazing to see her reunited with her family. We love happy endings!”


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