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Winnebago Board to Discuss Max Levy Amount with the Public

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday to first hold a 9 am public hearing on the max levy proposal which may increase by 5% for General Services but decrease by 7.47% for rural services. The reason for the increase in General Services is due to health insurance increases. The board will hear from the public before considering approval of the measure.

A second public hearing will take place at 9:10am on Tuesday dealing with the re-precincting of the county. New precinct district boundaries have been drawn up amounting to minimal changes in poling locations in the county. Once the board has heard public opinion on the changes, they may consider approving the measure.

Heidi Nielson of NIACOG will discuss the housing situation in Winnebago County. The board has been approached about a resolution that would merge Winnebago County in the Iowa Finance Authority Certification of the NIACOG Housing Trust Fund as a Funded Housing Trust Fund.

The board will also discuss the Winnebago County Secondary Roads Department Five Year Program for construction and maintenance projects. These plans include replacement of bridges, repairs to secondary roadways, and more.


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