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Sunday Talk: Feenstra Talks About the Past Week

On Tuesday, I participated in my first Research and Technology Subcommittee hearing on “Strengthening the U.S. Microelectronics Workforce” as Republican Leader and Ranking Member. It was a very informative hearing as we explore ways to bring good-paying manufacturing jobs BACK to America and better understand the complex supply chain challenges of acquiring rare-earth minerals and other materials.
Semiconductors, or chips, are everywhere in our daily lives. From cars and tractors to smartphones and home appliances, they all require these chips to function properly.
In 1990, the U.S. accounted for 37% of global manufacturing. Today, we account for a mere 12%. It’s past time we bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States so that we can reverse this alarming trend, stand up to foreign threats, and protect critical sectors of our economy.
That’s why I am a proud cosponsor of the bipartisan CHIPS for America Act that will help reestablish our country as a leader in chip manufacturing.
February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month; a little-known disease that impacts 70,000 American women and girls.
Last week, I was proud to recognize Nicole Cleveland, a local Sioux City resident, who has lived life to the fullest despite her TS diagnosis. When Nicole was born, she was told she would never walk, but she did. She was also told she would never go to college, but she did that too, and graduated from Morningside University with degrees in political science and journalism.
But she didn’t stop there. She went on to be the youngest woman ever elected to the Sergeant Bluff City Council and will be releasing her first book this spring titled “The Butterfly Chronicles.”
Now, she commits her time and talent to advocating for the thousands of women and girls with TS. And I am proud to support her.
That’s why I will soon be introducing the Protecting Girls with Turner Syndrome Act that criminalizes the intentional abortion of any baby diagnosed with TS. My faith teaches me that every person is created for a purpose, and Nicole was certainly created for a special one.
This week, I signed on to two different letters to stand up to China and condemn their brazen behavior.
The first letter reaffirms American support for Taiwan amid growing aggression from China. Taiwan is an ally and it is only right that we outwardly support their sovereignty. You can read that letter HERE.
The second letter demands that the Biden Administration hold China accountable for their unfair and illicit trade practices. China has taken advantage of Iowa producers for far too long and it’s time for this administration to negotiate and enforce a fair trade agreement with China that actually benefits Iowa farmers and producers. You can read that letter HERE.
We need real, bipartisan solutions to stand up the Chinese Communist Party and maintain our status as the world’s greatest superpower. They are too great a threat to ignore.
I sit on the House Budget Committee, and on Wednesday, we had a hearing on abolishing the debt limit. Yes – this was a real hearing even as our country reached $30 TRILLION in debt for the first time ever just a few weeks ago.
As I’ve always said, the federal government must be held accountable to We The People because WE are government together.
The notion that abolishing the debt limit would be good for our country is ridiculous. We have $30 trillion in debt, we’re facing the highest inflation we’ve seen in 40 years, and we have no clue how many billions of dollars in inflationary COVID relief money that is sitting unspent.
Businesses and families in Iowa have to follow a strict budget, and Congress should have to follow one, too
I’ve heard from so many of our farmers in Northwest Iowa that rising prices for fertilizer and other inputs have severely impacted their bottom lines despite rising commodity prices.
Unfortunately, these are the real consequences of adding trillions of dollars to our record-breaking debt that fuels the already burning hot inflation fire. Because of these “spend now, pay later” policies, America’s heartland is feeling the pain.

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