North Iowa Schools Work with Parents About Education Material Concerns

Parents are taking an active role in the kinds of new educational materials that may be found in school. National headlines have been advocating materials that parents in the eastern and western parts of the U. S. have found to be indecent, inappropriate, or even grossly inaccurate. Parents have gone before more progressive school boards to demand that these materials be removed from the schools and in some cases, curriculum.

If you were to talk to superintendents in all of the area school districts, you’ll find that those materials are not there in their districts. North Iowa Community Schools Superintendent Joe Erickson has been fielding calls dealing with this subject and he is assuring everyone that the district doesn’t have the Critical Race Theory books like those found on the coasts or more progressive districts.


Still, parents may be steered by what they hear or see in social media and believe that these programs are being taught in area schools.

Local superintendents agreed. Both Darwin Lehmann, Superintendent for both Forest City and Central Springs Community Schools along with Wayne Kronemann, Superintendent of West Hancock Community Schools have stated that books like these are not found in their districts and there is absolutely no intention of adding it to the curriculum.

However, all superintendents try to maintain an open channel of communication between the parents of their students and the school district. The school board meetings remain open to the public which is where curriculum and materials are decided upon annually.






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