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Ambulatory Services in Western Hancock County Need Volunteers

There is an issue developing in the area that may affect all local residents shortly. It is a lack of volunteer EMS workers. This is affecting Winnebago County, but a shortage is coming to the Hancock County area too.

Paramedic Jen Vaske with the West Hancock Ambulance Service admits that she is seeing shortages in staffing already.

Rich Freiseman with the West Hancock Ambulance Service agrees and is working more hours to provide coverage and fill gaps.

Vaske explained that training is available and will be paid for by the service.

Those who would like to enter into volunteering as an EMT or paramedic can do so in a number of ways.

Freiseman indicated that there is ongoing training after a person becomes a volunteer.

The group is always welcoming new volunteers and those who would like to make a difference in their community should contact their local ambulatory service.





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