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Forest City YMCA To Hold Lifeguard Certification

Spring and summer are around the corner and with it comes the need for lifeguards at local pools. The Red Cross and the Forest City YMCA are teaming up to provide training and certification for those interested in becoming a lifeguard.

Forest City YMCA Aquatics Coordinator Rachael Swanson stated that there are some prerequisites to the training and certification process.

This is a timed skill. Other requirements include treading water with just your legs and swim 20 yards.

Once you pass the pre-test, you will have some training to do.

The online book work takes about seven hours to do and is done on your own time during the training session.

While in the water, trainees will learn how to approach a drowning victim, restrain and pull them to shore or the side of the pool, then lift them out and perform medical procedures if necessary.

One of those procedures is Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation or CPR.

There will be a number of positions available throughout the area according to Forest City YMCA Director of Activities Tony Reynolds.

The pretest is Sunday at 11am. Those who cannot make that time, but still want to go through certification can call the YMCA to make arrangements, but everyone must be registered before Sunday. The number to call is (641) 585-5220. Interested individuals can email Swanson at






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