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Hancock County Board Wrangles with HVAC and Ceiling Tile Costs

The courthouse in Garner has seen a number of exterior improvements and more are on the way with a new vestibule about to be constructed. However, inside the courthouse, there appears to be additional needs. Already new carpet has been laid along with new paint on the walls and work on basement bathrooms. What is needed is a new HVAC system in the Sheriff’s Office and new ceiling tile throughout the facility according to contractors.

Hancock County Supervisors were taken aback at a recent meeting about the costs associated with the project. Supervisor Jerry Tlach explained that the ceiling tile work was not cheap.

Tlach and the other supervisors are not of the opinion that it needs to be replaced and Tlach has an alternative proposal to save taxpayer money.

The Law Enforcement Center is a different matter altogether. A new HVAC system in that part of the building will require some new duct work and a change in the aging ceiling tile there.

Tlach stated that the ceilings in the courthouse have not experienced and water damage prior to the exterior work that has been done. He and the supervisors believe there can be a cost savings there.

Tlach would like to see the final figure for the new ceiling tile and duct work to be under $100,000. A future negotiation meeting with the contractor is in the future in order to get this done.





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