North Iowa Community Schools Hold Discussions with State Legislative Members

The North Iowa Community School District has forwarded their thoughts on state legislative matters when it comes to education. The district is concerned about future funding matching projected costs of operation> Superintendent Joe Erickson tried to impress on are legislators about the need for funding and support from the state.

Erickson and State Representative Henry Stone addressed several key issues that Erickson felt need funding attention.

Erickson also addressed with the legislators, the need for sufficient Student Supplemental Aid.

North Iowa Community Schools Superintendent Joe Erickson

The school district runs off of a $5 million budget. From that, there are a number of expenses incurred according to Erickson.

In some cases, there has to be a sacrifice or a change.

The district will look toward the state now and into the future to maintain a competitive environment while giving students the best education possible.




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