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Winnebago Board to Review Bridges and Levies

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will hold their weekly Tuesday meeting beginning at 9 am by setting a public hearing for the Max Levy for the next fiscal year. The public will have a chance to hear what the new levy amount will be and submit comments or opinions.

Since the county officials opted to leave the mental health region known as County Social Services, they have been working towards entering in with Care Connections of North Iowa. Other neighboring counties such as Worth are actively engaged in joining the group too. The Winnebago Board will discuss and possibly approve a 28E agreement which will officially give them entry into the group.

Secondary roads will also be discussed in the meeting. Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders will address the roads and personnel matters in his office. He will also ask the board to approve the plans and specifications for two precast bridges to be constructed and installed. He will ask the board to approve the notice to bidders and letting dates for the two projects.

Eleven drainage districts in the county are governed by trustees separate from the Board of Supervisors who govern the rest of the districts. Elections were held in the third week of January for the eleven districts and the board must canvass the results to verify the results. Once completed, the new officers will be installed, and the results will be filed with the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office.



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