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Worth County Board to Review County-wide EMS Serivce

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday beginning at 8:30 am by first hearing from Worth County Secondary Roads Engineer Richard Brumm. Brumm will outline projects and work being done on the county secondary roads. Discussion will center around a detour revocation on IA-9 from the Worth County Line to S 70. Brumm will also ask for approval of plans for the Wheelerwood paving project.

Drainage matters will center on the approval of appraisers for drainage districts 11, 13, 24, 34, 37, 49, and 52.

The board will also discuss an agreement to provide law enforcement in both Fertile and Joice.

With a desperate need for volunteers in the area to be emergency medical service personnel, Worth County is considering consolidating services within the county to allow for better staffing and possibly response times. Winnebago County has been exploring the idea as other nearby counties in an effort to provide the best services possible for residents.

The board will enter into a mental health services agreement with Care Connections of Northern Iowa. the county has been working towards the agreement to strengthen mental health services in the county and provide help for those in need. The county was previously affiliated with County Social Services, but made the decision to change last year.

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