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Hancock County to Address Drainage Projects

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will open their Monday morning meeting with a discussion on entering into a General Obligation County Purpose Bonds issuance totaling $2,255,000. The board will then establish a levy of taxes to pay for the loan. The money is being used to pay for repairs to the clock tower, the new vestibule, and the proposed emergency services communications tower.

Hancock County Secondary Roads Engineer Jeremy Purvis will outline the work being done on county secondary roads. This will include future projects, snow removal, and repairs to these roads.

Drainage matters include the awarding of a contract for proposed work on the East Main Open Ditch Repair in Drainage Districts 1 and 2. The board will also hold a teleconference with both the Cerro Gordo and Franklin County Board of Supervisors. The subject centers around two laterals and the cost to repair them. The Lateral 4 Upper Open in Joint Drainage District 86-31-1 cost $2,000 of which Hancock County is responsible for $32.13. The Lateral 1 Upper Tile cost $9,000 and Hancock County will have to pay $392.37.

The board will continue with budget discussions for the upcoming fiscal year with department heads and representatives.


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