School Supplemental Aid Decision Looming

Iowa House Speaker Pat Grassley says the House will advance a plan this week that sets the general level of state taxpayer support of Iowa’s public K-through-12 schools for the next academic year. Republican Governor Kim Reynolds has recommended a 2.5% increase.

 Grassley isn’t ready to reveal whether the House hopes to again send more state money to cover busing costs in schools that cover large geographic areas. Some districts such as North Iowa, Forest City, Garner Hayfield Ventura, and West Hancock cover a significant area and there are associated costs such as gas and labor that are becoming very expensive.

In Forest City, the school district, like so many others, are waiting to find out if this increase will come to fruition. Superintendent Darwin Lehmann is appreciative of the proposed 2.5% increase in Student Supplemental Aid.

The question remains with a large surplus of money, why remain at 2.5%? 

There are several concerns by area districts as to whether the money will be enough to meet current economic trends. 

Another factor that comes into play has to do with labor competition. The current market is very employee driven and this generates opportunities for teachers and administration to move to better paying teacher and administration positions elsewhere according to Lehmann. 

Districts in the area will continue to monitor what the Legislature will do with School Supplemental Aid for 2023.

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