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Hancock County to Discuss Property Tax and Drainage

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors meets on Monday to set a date and time for informal hearing with landowners of DD # 3 and 4
Lateral 14, discuss and possibly consider Hancock County Policy Regarding Compensation for Damages for Drainage District Projects for 2022.

Beavers have been causing a dam problem in several drainage districts and the board must consider whether to raise the bounty per beaver tail to $50. Those who trap the dam builders can bring in the tails to the Hancock County Auditor’s Office to collect the bounty but must prove that it came from an affected drainage district.

Secondary roads will also be reviewed. Hancock County Secondary Roads Engineer Jeremy Purvis will review snow removal and any upcoming or looming projects. He will also submit the County Engineer’s report on Secondary Roads He will ask the board to consider the Hancock County Secondary Road Right of Way Acquisition Policy for 2022.

The Hancock County Fair will have Evan Beshey of the Hancock County Ag Society give an annual report and then make a budget request for the next fiscal year.

The board will also set a date and time for a public hearing on Hancock County’s proposed property tax levy for FY2022-2023

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