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Belmond Showing Multifaceted Growth

Belmond is moving forward with growth in a number of different areas. Colts Corner Daycare is slated to take in over 100 new slots for children. The daycare recently received a substantial award toward the construction and operation of the daycare in Belmond. According to Wright County Economic Development Director Darrell Steven Carlyle, it doesn’t stop there.

Workforce is key in any growth matrix planned by local cities. Business and manufacturing look for a plentiful source when relocating here.

In order for there to be a strong workforce, there must be ample housing and Belmond city officials are hard at work making that opportunity happen.

According to Carlyle, the subdivision will see a first house, but growth will not stop there.

The first home will be built off site, and it will use a labor force that is looking to learn a trade.




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