Winnebago Industries Reveals Its All-Electric Motorhome

The concept vehicle receives a tremendous reception in Tampa Exposition

Winnebago Industries has just revealed it’s all electric concept motorhome in the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa, Florida. The all-electric concept motorhome developed by the company’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG). It was in response to requests by several customers who wanted to know if Winnebago Industries would follow the electric car concept.

According to Senior Vice President of Business Development and Advance Technologies Ashis Bhattacharya, Winnebago Industries took the lead on the development of the motor home, and they were very excited to reveal their efforts in Tampa on Tuesday.

The vehicle is identical to fossil fueled recreational vehicles with one exception.

With the growing popularity of all electric vehicles, the question remains when would Winnebago Industries begin to manufacture and sell this new electric RV model?

The electric concept RV will have more space because there is no combustion engine to take it up. This meant that initial designs had to be redone.

Winnebago Industries will continue to exhibit the concept vehicle and take feedback in order to make any improvements before it goes into production for public consumption.

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