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Grassley: Democrats Continue their Anti-Democracy Partisan Messaging on Voting Rights

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley went before the Senate to address the proposed voting rights act.


A transcript of the speech is below:

Democrats have shamelessly alleged that a massive federal takeover of elections is needed because of questions some Republicans raised after the 2020 election.

This is despite the fact that their proposal predates the 2020 election. In fact, it was designed specifically to double down on false claims that Democrats lost certain races in 2018 only because of rigged elections.

I have said it before and I will say it again, evidence-free claims of voter suppression are as bad as evidence-free claims of voter fraud.

Both voter fraud and discrimination in voting are illegal.

Any claim of voter fraud or violations of voting rights should be resolved in our independent court system with evidence that can stand up in court.

As I’ve mentioned before, the claim by some Trump supporters that a certain brand of voting machine switched votes was lifted entirely from the Democrats’ 2004 playbook.

And, President Trump’s questioning of his loss in Georgia was simply following in the footsteps of the losing Democrat candidate for governor two years before, who lost by a much bigger margin.

That makes me wonder if Democrats’ professed outrage comes from a sincere concern for democratic norms, or if they are just upset that President Trump stole their playbook.

If Democrats really wanted to preserve democratic norms, they would not be proposing the federal government overturning the current election process in all 50 states on a purely partisan basis with no attempt to even hear out Republicans’ legitimate concerns.

This bill is being called “democracy reform.”

Does democracy need reform?

I support the American democratic system.

It does not need a fundamental rewrite.

It works. And, it deserves our support.

We should not denigrate American democracy for short term political gain.

President Trump’s candidacy in 2016 brought many Americans to the polls who had not voted recently, and there was record turnout.

In 2020, turnout broke the record yet again, with President Biden winning this time.

In the 2021 elections, there was unusually high turnout for off-year elections to the benefit of Republicans and conservatives.

Democrats accuse Republicans of wanting to keep people from voting.

Why would we when we have been very successful in many large turnout elections recently.

Plus, have you seen the polls lately?

Let’s stop casting doubt on American elections.

Stop casting aspersions on common sense election security measures like voter ID, supported by Americans of all backgrounds.

Let’s work together to boost the confidence of all Americans in our elections.

Let’s start by rejecting claims that the only way the other party can win is by rigging an election.

Let’s retire the short term strategy of falsely claiming that one of the two parties is a threat to democracy. That’s undemocratic.

This kind of rhetoric damages civil society and erodes faith in our democracy.

For the sake of our country, please cut it out.

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