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Sunday Talk: Feenstra on the Past Week in Washington

This week, the House was back in session for the first time this year. Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi’s number one priority was to take power away from states.
The Democrats’ so-called “voting rights” bill attempts to nationalize elections, containing many provisions that would severely infringe on states’ rights and grossly abuse taxpayer dollars. For example, their bill would allow candidates to fund their campaigns with your tax dollars. That’s unacceptable.
This might sound familiar — Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats made this ill-fated effort their top priority last year as well.
Like I said then, they want to undermine election integrity by legalizing ballot harvesting, expanding mail-in voting without safeguards, and removing voter ID laws. In Iowa, we know how to make our elections safe and secure. I worked hard in the Iowa Senate to pass voter ID, which is critical to any fair election process. Democrats’ attempt to nationalize our elections will undermine the integrity of our electoral process and severely infringe on states’ rights, and that’s why I once again voted NO.
H.R. 1: For the Politicians Act (v.2)
President Biden was hit with more bad news on the economic front this week: Inflation hit 7%, the highest rate since 1982. Gas, groceries, and other everyday goods and services are costing a lot more due to reckless spending. This comes after another weak jobs report was released last Friday, where less than half the jobs expected were created in the month of December.
While Biden and his Democrat colleagues waste time attempting to federalize elections and destroy the Senate by eliminating the filibuster, the economic crisis he created continues to worsen.
U.S. Inflation Hit 7% in December, Fastest Pace Since 1982

U.S. inflation hit its fastest pace in nearly four decades last year as pandemic-related supply and demand imbalances, along with stimulus intended to shore up the economy, pushed prices up at a 7% annual rate.

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On Thursday, I was pleased to learn the Supreme Court struck down President Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate on private businesses and workers. As I’ve previously stated, I strongly believe receiving the vaccine should be a decision made by individuals and their doctors, not mandated by the federal government. Not only are vaccine mandates a violation of individual liberty, but they are also damaging to our economy. We are in the midst of a supply chain crisis, and this is in part due to labor shortages.
Ag producers — who form the backbone of my district’s economy — aren’t immune to the Biden administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate. They rely on other industries like truckers to haul their commodities to market. However, the trucking industry is already short 80,000 drivers.
Firing unvaccinated workers would have a ripple effect throughout our economy and wreak havoc on our struggling supply chain. It will cause inflation to skyrocket — even though it has already hit a 40 year high — forcing hardworking families to pay even more for gas, groceries, and other goods.
However, I was disappointed that the Supreme Court failed to strike down the vaccine mandate for federally-funded health centers, and I’ll continue pushing back against this burdensome and unconstitutional mandate.
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Government Together
I strongly believe we are government together, meaning I cannot deliver results as your elected representative without hearing your concerns, ideas, and questions.
As we head into 2022, I hope to hear from you and look forward to delivering more results for the 4th District!
Feenstra: Strong believer in ‘we are government together’

As I reflect on my first year of serving you in Congress, I am pleased by what we have accomplished together. I have been working hard to ensure your voice is heard in Washington, and that is why I quickly launched my 39-County Tour, secured…

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