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Hancock County Board to Discuss Drainage Issues

Drainage matters literally take up the majority of the meeting on Tuesday. The board will open the meeting with a public forum to allow for public comment and discussion on new or existing issues before the county.

The drainage matters will begin at 9:15 am with a teleconference with Brian Yung with Johnson, Mulholland, Cochrane, Yung, and Engler. The discussion will center around the cleanup and repair of Lateral 4 of Drainage District 3 and 4.

The board must review and possibly approve a fourth pay estimate for the South Main of Drainage District 1 and 2. Reutzel Excavating Incorporated has been handling the repairs and clean out in that project.

Beavers have been causing a dam problem in several drainage districts and the board must consider whether to raise the bounty per beaver tail to $50. Those who trap the dam builders can bring in the tails to the Hancock County Auditor’s Office to collect the bounty but must prove that it came from an affected drainage district.

The board must discuss the issue of compensation for damages incurred in Drainage District projects for 2022. Money needs to be budgeted in the upcoming fiscal year budget to cover for these issues should they arise.

Two other issues remain in drainage, but they concern the same district. The first is the appointing of an engineer to report back on the drainage issues in Drainage District 57 and the second is to set a date and time for a formal hearing with landowners in that district about the need for a possible project there.

The board will conclude the meeting with a discussion on the construction project involving the courthouse. OPN Architects will outline the design for a courthouse vestibule and a roof replacement.

The meeting will take place in the Supervisors Room of the courthouse in Garner beginning at 9am. The public is invited to attend.

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