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Winnebago County Republicans Announce Precinct Caucus Locations

The 2022 Republican Precinct Caucuses will be held Monday, February 7, 2022
at the following locations.

*Precinct* *Location*

Forest City Ward 1 Forest City High School

Forest City Ward 2 Forest City High School

Forest City Ward 3/Forest D3 Forest City High School

Forest City Ward 4 Forest City High School

Mt. Valley/Forest D2 Forest City High School

Newton/Forest D1 Forest City High School

Center Lake Mills High

Eden/Logan/Norway Lake Mills High School

Buffalo/Grant/Lincoln Heritage Town Center (Buffalo

King/Linden Heritage Town Center
(Buffalo Center)

The Precinct caucuses will perform the following functions:

1) Elect two persons of each precinct to serve on the County Central

2) Elect delegates, alternates and junior delegates to the County
Convention to be held Saturday, March 12, 2022.

3) Propose and vote on platform planks to send to the County

Check-in begins at 5:45 PM; caucus business begins promptly at 7:00 PM. A
photo ID will be required to check-in the caucus. Caucus-goers may also
register to vote at the precinct location to participate. To do so, a
caucus-goer must go to the correct precinct location for his/her current
address on Caucus Day.

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