Hy-Vee Teams With Winnebago County Veterans Affairs Department

Hy-Vee has chosen the Winnebago County Veterans Affairs Department as benefitting from the Hy-Vee Reusable Bag Program for the month of January. Mary Lou Kleveland who is the head of the county VA explained how the partnership works.

The donated money from Hy-Vee can be used in a number of different ways according to Kleveland.

The Winnebago County VA Office was closed beginning in August of last year, but then reopened in October. Since then, a group of veterans have returned, but Kleveland knows that there are a lot more in the county.

There are those who have gone through a lot to protect our freedoms and they don’t ask for assistance to deal with the issues they encountered and brought back with them. Kleveland understands this and makes time for every veteran.

Kleveland can be reached by calling the Winnebago VA Office at (641) 585-5736. The Hy-Vee Red Bag promotion continues through the end of the month.






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