West Hancock Schools Set Emergency Policy in Place

The West Hancock Community School is facing an OSHA mandate that forces businesses and organizations with over 100 employees to have in place a vaccination and testing program. The school board had set up a policy that could be put in place if needed. Part of the problem has to do with the U. S. Supreme Court taking up the issue in a case to be presented Friday that may repeal the mandate. During that time between the presentation of the case and the decision, districts in the area must comply with the order or face fines of $10,00or more.

West Hancock Community Schools Superintendent Wayne Kroneman explained that after the mandate rules came out in November of last year, compliance dates seemed to be continually fluid.

The board reviewed a policy and relied on an outside source with a lot of legal backing.

In their last meeting, the school board considered the situation and took appropriate action to protect the district as a whole.


Kroneman believes that the Supreme Court will go through all of the legal aspects of the mandate. There are a number of implications involved which have to be examined.

As Kroneman mentioned, employees will have to show proof of vaccination or be tested. This brings up a problem that many area businesses and groups are running into. Who pays for the test? Is it the employee or the company setting the policy.

For now, the district is watching the continuing developments and will take action accordingly.







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