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Wright County Board to Discuss COVID and Precinct Changes

The Wright County Board of Supervisors are facing a firm deadline to approve and submit the new precinct changes for voting before mid-January. It is expected that they will meet that deadline by Monday afternoon.

First, the board will open their usual Monday morning meeting with a discussion on the current status of COVID-19 variant cases in Wright County. More cases have been reported to the Emergency Operations Center in Wright County who will address the issue before the board. Discussion will also center around the current vaccination level and if it has had any impact. Reports are that even those who are vaccinated are coming down with COVID-19.

The board is expected to appoint Caleb Carda as the new Deputy Sheriff. Wright County Sheriff Jason Schluttenhofer is expected to present Carda to the board for approval.

At 9:30am, the board will invite the public to comment on the new precinct boundaries in a public forum. There have been a few minor changes for voters to deal with as far as precinct locations where they will now vote. There will also be a discussion on the changes to supervisor districts. Supervisors may be taking on new boundaries to their districts. During the public hearing, voters will be allowed to comment or find out more information.

The board will hold a third and final reading of Ordinance 63 which sets precinct boundaries for the next ten years. Once approved, the paperwork will be forwarded to the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office.

The board will hear from Wright County Engineer Adam Clemons on any new or ongoing secondary road projects. They may also appoint Todd Swain to the Wright County Conservation Board to replace Tom Thompson whose term expires on June 30, 2024.

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