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Watch for Signs of Change in Loved Ones During Family Gatherings

While the holidays are a time for family gatherings, some area residents might notice changes in a loved ones’ cognitive abilities that warrant further investigation. Lauren Livingston, spokeswoman for the Iowa Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, says there are often clear signs a person may be developing one of the most common forms of dementia.

The association estimates 66-thousand Iowans are now living with Alzheimer’s and Livingston says many will show similar symptoms of a failing memory.

They also many not recognize people with whom they’re ordinarily familiar. So how does one tell if a loved one’s memory loss is just typical forgetfulness or if it’s the harbinger of a real problem.

The Alzheimer’s Association Helpline is a vital resource for concerns about cognitive changes affecting a loved one. The number, 800-272-3900, is staffed around the clock every day, even holidays.

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