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Garner Council Will Meet Tonight

The Garner City Council will meet this evening to discuss a number of issues. One of the major discussions will be the potential increase in housing for the city. The council will hold a public hearing on the NIACOG status of funding for the City of Garner Housing Rehabilitation Program otherwise known as the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

The city is looking to move forward with the Upper Story Living Grant where apartments are being constructed above the Good Nature Center store. The council will entertain a resolution which is a development agreement between the city and Lake Rentals LLC who will manage the site. The board will then enter into a contract for grant administration and then possibly act on a resolution that adopts a procurement policy for the administration of the block grant.

Voting precincts have changed in Hancock County and the council along with the Board of Supervisors will come to an agreement on the redistricting.

The city will also formally set the pay and hiring of the front desk staff at the Veterans Memorial Recreation Center. To go along with the wage discussions will the approval of Interim administrative Pay for Assistant Director Max Kearns.

Hiring concerns continue for the city as they are beginning the process of hiring a replacement for Adam Kofoed , former City Administrator. The council will discuss a preliminary hiring process.

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