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Hancock County to Discuss New Emergency Communication Tower

Cost could exceed $1.9 million in taxpayer dollars

When the Hancock County Board of Supervisors meet on Monday at 9am, they are considering the idea of entering into a General Loan Obligation Agreement to update and improve the emergency communications tower for fire, police, and ambulatory services. Officials are citing that the current tower can sometimes “cut out” especially in buildings in Britt and Garner. Outlying areas are not adequately covered too.

The county is proposing the construction oof a new tower, generator, and shelter. There have been arguments that a cheaper solution would be to add this to an existing tower in Britt and save taxpayer dollars which could amount to as much as a third of the cost of a new tower.

The public is invited to discuss this issue with the Hancock County Board in a public hearing on Monday beginning at 9:15am at the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner. If there are no objections, the board may enter into an agreement with Motorola Solutions to construct the new tower for the county.

The board must also consider new election precinct boundaries along with adjusted ones. They will reset a time and date for a public hearing to allow voters to understand the new boundaries too.

James Avenue may see a new speed limit established from the Britt Corporate Limit to 2,600′ south. No specified speed limit was stated as yet.

The county is considering making itself a Constitutional County in light of all other counties surrounding it becoming Second Amendment Safe Haven Counties. Those counties responded to a possible recent move on gun control. The Resolution is below




WHEREAS the Board of Supervisors of Hancock County, Iowa, through the powers
granted by the Iowa Constitution and Code of Iowa, declares to the Citizens of Hancock
County that Hancock County, Iowa fully recognizes and upholds the Constitution of the
United States of America, its amendments, and the Iowa Constitution.
WHEREAS the rights of the people of Hancock County Iowa that are granted by the
Constitution and its amendments, shall be upheld as a body of fundamental principles,
or established precedents in which to be governed.
LET IT BE KNOWN, Hancock County Iowa is and will be a Constitutional County; and
will ensure to its residents that it will neither enact nor enforce any laws that encroach
upon the rights of the citizens under the US Constitution, its amendments, and the Iowa
Resolution declared adopted this ___ day of _________________ 2021.

Gary Rayhons
Chairperson, Board of Supervisors, Hancock County, Iowa

Michelle Eisenman

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