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EMS Workers Becoming an Urgent Need in the Area

Getting and keeping EMT workers is becoming tougher.

The call for Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics to help in the area has been heard before.  That call has been answered to some degree in Hancock and Winnebago Counties. Volunteers has stepped forward to assist their neighbor. Things are once again becoming concerning as those volunteers move on to other positions in the area or around the state.

Winnebago County Emergency Management Coordinator Andy Buffington has some concerns about the staffing of volunteers in Buffalo Center, Lake Mills, Forest City, and other locations in the county.

What is most troubling for the county is that with flu strains, COVID, and accidents in the home and office, there are now more calls than ever coming into the Winnebago County Dispatch Center, creating a more taxing situation for EMT’s.

For local communities, this also creates a problem. The benefits of having an ambulatory crew may be one of the enticements to living or moving to the community, but if it can’t be staffed, that enticement may go away.

So why are people not entering into EMT training fields? Part of it may have to do with the current employment market with many opting to stay home instead of getting back into the job market. Buffington offered another point of view.

So how does one get involved in the challenging field and rewarding field?

The concern lies with people’s busy schedules and trying to work this into them. One thing is for certain according to Buffington,

That number again is (641) 843-8202.





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