US Cellular Looking for Non Profit Assistance to Distribute Hotspots to Area School Children

U. S. Cellular is looking for non-profit agencies to assist in a $13 million project. , The company has launched the After School Access Project, a program that provides free mobile hotspots and service to nonprofits that support youth after the school day has ended and provides safe internet access for homework and education. This is an expansion of previous hotspot donations the company provided to address connectivity needs during the pandemic.

Trenton Hill is the Store Manager for the U. S. Cellular store in Mason City.

Seeing the greater need, the company has pledged to donate up to $13 million in hotspots and service in 2022. Eligible 501c3 nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply by going to

Once the non profit group is approved and received the hot spots, they will have the discretion to distribute the hotspots to those in need.

US Cellular officials stated that they are focused on addressing gaps in STEM education and are committed to connecting more than 200,000 of tomorrow’s innovators each year with the resources they need today to help shape future opportunities. Since 2009, US Cellular has donated more than $20.8 million along with numerous experiences and technology items to nonprofit organizations across the country.





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