Segerstrom Talks About Belle in Beauty and the Beast

The Forest City High School Theater Department will stage Beauty and the Beast Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 2 pm in the Boman Fine Arts Theater. It is a fun and fast paced production that requires versatile actors willing to become something they are not in real life.

One such actress is Abbey Segerstrom who plays one of the main characters, Belle. She explained that the character is not all sweet innocence.

Segerstrom found that she couldn’t draw from just one interpretation of the role and had to seek out other performances to get her own version of Belle.

What makes this production a little more challenging is keeping pace with the music and not just the singing parts. There is also music underneath the acting which referred to as underscore. Combine that with the other actors onstage and what they are doing and one thing or another can become difficult.

Belle has a father who plays a key role in the show. Segerstrom draws inspiration from her own father in her role.

Tickets are still available by going online only to They are $5 each and must be purchased online before the show.


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