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Lachuga Has a “Beast” of a Role

To take on a role that involves hatred, anger, spite, selfishness, and solitude requires the actor to convey everything that they are not in real life. You have to be careful not to completely lose yourself in the role, but remain fully hateful on stage.

For Caesar Lachuga in Forest City High Schools production of Beauty and the Beast, this is no easy task. He described what he must become in the production to be the Beast.

The character involves a lot of study into hatred and its many forms. It also explores how that hatred comes about. In this case, it is directed at one person.

In this production, the classic “love conquers all” edict is brought out.

So the challenge for Lachuga is to make everyone believe he is that vengeful and hateful person on stage which is something he is not in real life.

According to Lachuga, the role is complicated because he is not only angry with those around him who have also been cursed, but there is a burning inner anger that is consuming him as well.

Tickets to see Beauty and the Beast can only be purchased online at They are $5 each for either the Saturday show at 7pm or the Sunday matinee at 2 pm.




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