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Mental Health Issues Locally Ranked in a National Report

Amidst the current push to get the grains in before the first snowfall, the stress on farmers, their families, and friends can be difficult. For some it can be too much and even end in tragedy.

Iowa remains in the middle of the pack in a new report called The State of Mental Health in America, which ranks the states based on 15 mental health access and prevalence measures. Schroeder Stribling, President and CEO of Mental Health America, says Iowa places 23rd on the latest rankings.

The non-profit organization offers a free, anonymous, online mental health screening program which has seen exceptionally heavy use in the months since the pandemic struck our country.

The report finds COVID-19 has brought greater morbidity and mortality, as well as disastrous effects on the nation’s mental health.

As an example, Stribling points to a recent University of Iowa study that found the rate of farmer suicides is three-and-a-half times higher than the general population. Despite all of the negatives, she says there are reasons to be optimistic about the future. Much like 9-1-1, a new three-digit National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is being created.

While Iowa ranked 23rd on the report this year, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania were the top three states, while Arizona, Idaho and Nevada ranked last. See the full report here:


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