Hunting Restrictions Outlined at Thorpe Park

The Winnebago County Conservation Board wants to remind people this fall that Thorpe Park is closed to all deer and turkey hunting. But, the Thorpe Recreation Area to the east and the Russ Wildlife Area to the west are open to hunting, including deer and turkey hunting (see the boundary map). Thorpe Park is also open to all other forms of hunting (besides deer and turkey), except for Lake Catherine which is closed to waterfowl hunting.
For a complete listing of county-managed hunting areas in Winnebago County, people can go to and look under the “Parks and Wildlife Areas” tab. Each area will be listed, including its location, whether hunting is allowed and, if so, what type of hunting (upland, forest, wetland). For state-managed areas, people can go to to Hunt, Shoot, to see a map of Iowa with all the hunting areas shown. And, of course, if people would like more information about hunting in Winnebago County, they can also contact the Winnebago County Conservation Board directly at 641-565-3390.


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