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The Voter Registration Drive Continues Locally

Voters in area cities and communities will cast their ballots for local elections, and the Secretary of State’s office is using recently mailed out reminders to the 50,000 unregistered Iowans eligible to vote to get them to register.

Kevin Hall, communications director for the Iowa Secretary of State’s office, said it is important all voters make sure their information is up-to-date, especially if they moved recently or have not cast a ballot for some time.

Hall insists Iowa still is a leader in registration, noting the process only takes a few minutes. Those without internet access or a mode of transportation, can call their county auditor and have a registration form mailed to them. The pre-registration deadline is Oct. 18. Iowans can also pick up forms at several state agencies or their local library.

Hall noted Iowa still is placing emphasis on getting younger adults to register. Following a state law change a few years ago, 17-year-olds can register, so long as they turn 18 by the general election.

The office said it sees hope, pointing out nearly two dozen high-schools last year were awarded for meeting registration benchmarks.


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