Worth Board Wrangles With Wind Generator Setbacks

A nearly full board room heard from wind energy companies and the fellow residents over a development agreement which is being pushed through the Board. The agreement calls for wind generators to be constructed at a minimum distance of 2000 feet from a home or business. Supervisor Enos Loberg who represents the 3rd District has allegedly been getting calls and complaints about wind mills being constructed or operated close to residential properties.

Residents are complaining about noise from the propellers and flicker. Mark Crowl, manager of Renewable Development for Invenergy Wind Energy was at the meeting and offered a different opinion.

Wind farming has becoming very lucrative and successful in the Worth County area. The county has negotiated in good faith with companies interested in creating and maintaining wind farms. However, some members of the public do not like the idea of these farms being so close to residential areas.

According to Supervisor Loberg, the companies are changing the size of propellers to accommodate for more power to be generated. These larger size propellers are creating more noise and greater flicker for farmers and residents to have to deal with.

The company maintains that they negotiated a contract with the county that will address these issues. Invenergy legal counselor Bret Dublinske explained to the board that the agreement needs to go forward.

Supervisor Mark Smeby felt that the proposed agreement was for the benefit of both the county and Invenergy.

There are still a number of items to be addressed and the board will work with Winnebago County on some of these issues.


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